Setting the Standard
Each Vcella Kiln is equipped with:

  • A single set point temperature controller. This unit has full scale readouts of both, set value (SV) and process value (PV, temperature in the kiln).
  • A fully programmable controller may be added. This unit allows the owner to program temperature, as well as ramp and soak values.
  • Standard left-hand opening door (optional right-hand opening door can be installed);
  • 6 foot cord;
  • Setter plate.
(Model Shown: TL 400)

Quality Construction
To insure firing efficiency and reliability, Vcella Kilns are constructed to include:

  • Stainless steel case with heavy duty angle iron frame;
  • interior walls of 2300F insulating fire brick;
  • Solid block 2000F back-up insulation that will not pack down or burn out during prolonged use;
  • Plug doors to insure minimum heat loss;
  • Heavy duty hinges to prevent sagging;
  • Solid arch plate to prevent insulating brickdust from dusting into wares being fired;
  • Fast firing at low amperage.
(Model Shown: 80)

Our Concern for Safety Shows
Because we want you to work in the safest environment possible, our Kilns feature:

  • Exterior walls that can be touched without danger because of a 4 inch highly efficient interior insulation;
  • Only a 3 inch air space operating requirement;
  • Safe operation at high temperatures for extended periods;
  • Door hinges that allow door opening clear of the working area;
  • Easy access through the front loading door.

(Model Shown: TL 16)